Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, PC, and Shannon Pernetti are Archetypal Pattern Analysts who have been trained in numerous traditional, wholistic, somatic and transpersonal models of therapy, as well as extensive group facilitating experience.

They completed an extensive decade of supervision and training with Michael Conforti, Ph.D., Director and Founder of The Assisi Institute and have been named as Core Faculty of The Assisi Institute.

As already seasoned therapists, they trained together for 12 years and became certified as Archetypal Pattern Analysts in 2006.

Learning Archetypal Pattern Analysis transformed both of their lives and inspired them to pass this on through trainings, workshops, consultation, supervision and psychotherapy.



Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, PC is an Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice and co-founder and co-trainer in Archetypal Associates and the Archetypal Pattern Analysis Trainings and Seminars in Portland, Oregon.  She has trained extensively with Dr. Michael Conforti, founder of Archetypal Pattern Analysis, since 1997 and on the faculty of the Assisi Institute For the Study of Archetypal Pattern Analysis since 2007.

Diane has over 40 years experience and training in trauma, dissociation, depression, anxiety, relationships, and addiction recovery and specializes in individual, couples, and family therapy.  She also uses her medical training as a nurse to identify patterns of the Psyche being expressed through physical diseases to help clear and shift patterns  needed to live one's full potential and purpose.

Diane provides clinical supervision, training, and consultation in Archetypal Pattern Analysis and with psychotherapists attaining state licensure. She holds certifications in Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy, Masters Addiction Therapy, EMDR, and is a graduate of a four year Spiritual Teacher Training Program focused on nondual teachings and the realization of our Essential Nature. She is a Radiant Mind Coach in Peter Fenner’s Radiant Mind Program since 2011.

Diane also provides spiritual mentoring and facilitates groups in mindfulness practice, meditation, living with heart, and the discovery of the jewel of our Natural Being.



Shannon Pernetti is an Archetypal Pattern Analyst who has been in private practice in Portland, Oregon since 1975. She was a co-founder of the Portland Gestalt Institute (1985), has been trained in traditional, somatic and transpersonal models of therapy, and is a gifted group facilitator.  She has extensively studied Archetypal Pattern Analysis with Dr. Michael Conforti since 1996. She is on the faculty of Assisi Institute and a co-founder and co-trainer in Archetypal Associates and the Archetypal Pattern Analysis Trainings and Seminars. 

She serves on the board of Returning Veterans Project NW, which provides pro-bono therapy services to returning veterans and The Holistic Resources Foundation which is an umberella non-profit for nontraditional ministers and their projects. She also is the co-founder of "Opening To Life" an active healing arts center for over 20 practioners in Portland, Oregon.

She also facilitates a Study Group in Integral Theory, and co-facilitates a NonDual Consultation Group, is a Radiant Mind Coach in Peter Fenner’s Radiant Mind Programs since 2011, and provides attuned analysis, consultation, archetypal mentoring, supervision and training in Archetypal Pattern Analysis.


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