Archetypal Mentoring  and Coaching  is an archetypal process containing a developmental partnership that makes change irresistible by internalizing new alignments and generative patterning that replace the old way of being, mentoring helps people face their fears and move into new solutions.

It is used in Coaching, Organizational Development, Psychotherapy and Counseling.

"Doesn't everyone need a wise guide that they can consult and point out the landmarks on the map they are traveling through?   What you have done is show me the map ..... now I'm well grounded in my journey!"

"If you want a dfferent outcome, you have to play by different rules - how do you learn the rules you don't know?"     Mentoring Client

MENTORING is an archetypal process containing a developmental partnership that has many facets:

  • Teaches archetypal information, insights and new experiences by modeling the expertise and wisdom of one who has mastered this process
  • Identifies the archetypal alignments and the underlying repetitive patterns, both generative and non generative and the purpose of the pattern's expression and need for repetition
  • Accesses all the internal mentors you already have to help you began to makes new alignments to your potential
  • Coaches by using positive and constructive feedback to reinforce generative patterns
  • Change Agent by pointing out non generative patterns and force bifurcation points where a choice between generative and non-generative paths must be chosen. Will you stay on the familiar known path? Or move to a new choice, the unknown
  • Guides you in new territory, helping a person to face their fears, motivating into new behaviors, confronting the wish to move to old familiar patterns
  • Motivates by asking you to set a course to your full potential and innate wholeness

This mentoring process completes with internalizing the new alignments and the generative patterning that replaces the old way of being

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