This pioneering work emerges from a meta-theory, 35 years in the making.  It studies the formation, maintenance and core intervention on patterns, and the underlying archetypal alignments creating these repetitions.

In Archetypal Pattern Analysis, patterns and symptoms are not seen as pathological, but as expressions of the psyche attempting to bring us into an authentic relationship with it’s center of the psyche, the Self, the wholeness and guiding force of our essential nature.

We translate these messages from the Self through narrative stories, themes, synchronicities and dreams to reveal archetypal patterns and their alignments as well as viewing archetypal development through the individuation process.

Dreams are seen as a direct communication from the Self, using the language of nature and events in our daily life, to illustrate how we are aligning with life for the soul’s wholeness or for the ego’s enhancement.

Until the later stages of development, the ego believes itself to be the center of the psyche.  Individuation often causes a journey of the ego looking at what it was programed with – such as:  gender, cultural and religious views, how to relate to other people, etc, and how it adapted to the environment that it developed in.

With new strength and clarity gained, the veils of separation and fear can be approached, integrating shadow repressions and projections and tolerating the change in self identity.  Archetypal Mentoring plays a large role in this phase.

We support the ego coming into an awareness of it’s own existence, examining it’s own programing, forming a strong relationship with the Self and completing the grand cycle of individuation of moving into unity.

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